Our First Post!

Welcome to Team Effort!

Our first blog post is going to be mainly informational about how we operate and how our services provide interactions from the child to their parents and coaches, as well as their coaches and elders.

Team Effort is a non-profit organization driven by the youth sports world. Over time, youth sports has escalated into a multi-billion dollar industry which has in turn removed the fun from youth sports.

Our company focuses on the number one reason kids play sports. What is that we ask our selves? To have fun. Changing The Game Project, is another group that focuses on some of our topics as well. In the link we have provided, they offer more information why children are playing sports and why they are not playing sports.

What we do…

  • Team Effort plans to develop communication, team cohesion, goal setting and leadership skills through a variety of activities and events. Along with these focuses, we offer mental skills coaches and sport psychologists that you can use in a private or team setting to help deepen your understanding of how our mind works when we perform and how to strengthen your child’s/teams/parents/coaches relationships. Our focus from these is  to teach children how to have FUN again if they are not already. Along the way, athletes will learn how to effectively apply the skills listed above in not only sports, but in life as well.

Why we do it…

  • Our staff here at Team Effort is full of athletes and active individuals who have competed and experienced a team setting since they were adolescents; So we know how important it is to play sports at a young age. As children begin playing sports, parents begin to take on the child’s competitive side, and this leads to an early burnout among our youth. Seeing as 70% of youth athletes stop playing sports by the age of 13, we strive to help others and ourselves understand why and decrease that percentage in doing so. Being apart of a team in a competitive setting can teach skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. Learning skills on the field are not only applicable in a sports setting, so we firmly believe that success later in life can be correlated to what children learn competing through sports.

How we do it…

  • Here at Team Effort we provide events on and off the athletic site (wherever it may be), that offer our professional contacts, information on what we do, as well as insight and assistance on how to begin the journey of bettering your child’s sport experience. You can find our schedule and other services throughout the other pages of our website!

Other questions on what we do and who we are can be answered through our email at,

  • TeamEffort@gmail.com



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